PLANS to chop and change disabled parking spaces around Oxford will go ahead, apart from in one street, where a mystery war veteran objected to a bay being removed.

At a meeting on Thursday, Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for the environment, Yvonne Constance, looked at plans to remove eight disabled parking spaces around the city, while installing 11 new ones.

Only seven of the spaces set for removal were approved in the end, with the eighth set for a further review after an anonymous war veteran objected to its loss.

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In an objection letter to the council, the self-described war pensioner said losing the space on Kingston Road in Jericho would 'impact on his wellbeing.'

All of the 11 new spaces were also approved, leading to a net gain of four new disabled spaces around the city.

John Howson, the county councillor for St Margaret's ward, which covers Kingston Road, spoke at the meeting in favour of keeping the space.

Mr Howson said: "There have been a number of objections including... from someone who is a disabled war veteran. I don't know where that person lives in relation to that space, but he clearly does use it."

The Lib Dem councillor said he supported a plan to keep a close eye on how the parking space was used before deciding if it should be scrapped.

Ms Constance said it was important to remember disabled drivers are also able to use normal residential parking spaces.

But Mr Howson said he was unsure if the veteran who had objected was a resident, or if he needed the space to visit the area.

Residents of Kingston Road had written to the council to support scrapping the disabled space, claiming they hardly ever saw it in use, and adding that the only disabled person living on the road had a driveway.

Also discussed at the meeting was a decision to get rid of one disabled bay on Oakethorpe Road in Summertown, and place a new disabled bay further west along the road.

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One resident had complained it could cause parking and traffic issues on the street.

But Ms Constance agreed with council staff there was a good case for moving the space.

Disabled parking spaces around the city are reviewed when residents write to the council and ask if they can be removed or put in place.