A ROAD between Abingdon and a nearby village will soon have a lower speed limit.

The A415 between Abingdon and Marcham will have its speed limit reduced from 60 mph to 50 mph.

The road is also known as Marcham Road, and is used by cyclists and some pedestrians as well as fast-moving cars.

At a meeting on Thursday, Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for the environment, Yvonne Constance, approved plans to bring the speed on the road down.

The plan to bring down the speed limit was proposed by local county councillor, Richard Webber, who said all other roads of a similar size in the nearby area had a 50mph limit.

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Mr Webber described the road as 'incredibly busy', but said he disagreed with the people who had responded to a public consultation who said the new lower limit would cause traffic jams.

There were 20 responses from the local community written to the council supporting the dropped speed on the road.

One of them came from Marcham Parish Council.

The council said: " Pedestrians are often walking next to large lorries, and other vehicles travelling at fast speeds. There is a chance of wing mirrors overhanging the footway.

"A speed reduction would make pedestrians at less risk from fast moving traffic and enable them to feel safer."

Though the road's speed limit will be reduced, with new signs in place, council officers noted that Thames Valley Police do not plan to enforce the 50 mph limit.