SALAD is a good option for Veganuary - but not this bag of salad, which contained a giant bug. 

A shopper got quite a nasty surprise when they found the Egyptian locust in a bag of coriander from Aldi. 

It's a bad day for Aldi in Oxfordshire, as its Botley branch can't sell cold foods due to a refrigerator breakdown.

They were told that if she kept the bug, packaging and receipt she could take them back to the store in Didcot and get a refund.

An Aldi spokesman apologised. They said: "We are sorry this product hasn't met our usual high standards."

They added that issues like this are 'very rare' but always a risk with fresh produce. 

But perhaps it wasn't something to complain about; in some countries, the locusts are a delicacy and are packed with protein. 

The shopper said: "Obviously when you're buying fresh produce there's a risk of this sort of thing happening, but I must say, it's put me off coriander for a while. It looked like it had been dead for a long time, bits were breaking off - it made me feel very sick.

"I was slightly bemused with Aldi's response - as if I kept the bug and the packet it came in!"

They joked: "I guess this is a lesson that healthy eating isn't always good for you."

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