A COUPLE who have lost 15 stone between them have donated the same weight in food to a local food bank.

Katie and Tony Viney, from Bicester, were named Slimming World’s Couple of the Year last summer after shedding a grand total of 14st 4lbs.

They have now lost a further 10lbs reaching their target of 15st each and have decided to celebrate by donating 95kg of food to the Trussel Trust Food Bank in Bicester.

Mrs Viney, 46, who is a teaching assistant at Bure Park Primary School, said: “Usually any celebration would involve eating food but we don’t do that too much now. I just thought this would be quite a nice way to celebrate instead.”

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The couple donated pastas, vegetables, canned food and other non-perishable foods to the bank yesterday morning.

Oxford Mail:

Her husband, who is a chef, supported his wife on her weightloss journey after she asked for a Slimming World membership for Christmas in 2017.

He went on to work alongside her in dieting and being active before losing five stone.

One of the reasons they slimmed down was because they feared their size would cut their lives short, stopping them seeing their future grandchildren one day.

Mrs Viney said: “You just have to take every day as it comes, don’t beat yourself up, and if you slip up, just start again.

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“We all have our blips but I’ve managed to lose 9st 10lbs now - it’s incomprehensible. Joining Slimming World is a great help because you need that support and motivation from others along the way.”

Mr and Mrs Viney have both been attending a Slimming World group at Longfield School in Bicester every Tuesday for the past two years.

Mandy Giraud, who runs the group and has been a Slimming World consultant for almost 15 years, said: “They only miss a group when they are on holiday, but holidays used to be spent sat watching the kids, they now do coastal walks, paddle boarding and all sorts of energetic things which has made a huge difference to them as a family.”

Oxford Mail:

The couple are running 5km every morning this month and are currently doing ‘Veganuary’.

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Mrs Viney said: “Obviously over the Christmas period we did gain a little bit of weight so we’ve got to cut down a bit more this month.”

The couple say that active family days are the norm for them now and that they hope to be fit and active for many more years to come.

Mrs Viney developed lymphoedema in her legs after getting cellulitis four years ago and as a result had to wear surgical stockings, but since losing weight her circulation has improved and one of her legs is back to normal.

She said: “I never realised how much our weight was having an impact on our lives. We have such a zest for life now and we’re ready to take on anything.”

To join Mrs Giraud's group call 07948 980449.