AGE UK Oxfordshire is warning residents that they could be targeted by a phone scam.

The charity, the leading charity for older people, is urging people in the city to be on the lookout for an ‘Amazon’ scam warning.

Charity bosses are highlighting a warning from the organisation Action Fraud which is alerting people to the ‘Amazon Prime’ scam.

A spokesman for Age UK Oxfordshire said: “The caller says that you need to press ‘1’ to pay for shopping or an Amazon subscription.

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"Action Fraud, advises that it’s okay to stop the conversation and hang up if you do not feel in control of it.”

A spokesman for Action Fraud, the UK’s national cyber fraud reporting centre, said: “We have received hundreds of reports of a scam where victims receive an automated phone call claiming they’ve been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription.

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“The phone call informs people their personal details have been fraudulently used to subscribe to Amazon Prime - however, they can cancel the transaction by pressing 1.

“When victims do this they are automatically connected to criminals posing as Amazon customer service representatives who remotely access their computer and steal their personal details.”

Pensioners and other residents are being urged to have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for personal or financial information.

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A spokesman for Action Fraud added: “It’s easy to feel embarrassed when faced with unexpected conversations but it’s okay to stop the discussion.”

There is no suggestion that Amazon Prime is in any way involved in the fraud.