A WAR pensioner has made a plea to keep a disabled parking spot which could be removed from a Jericho road.

A total of eight disabled parking spaces across Oxford could be removed if proposals by Oxfordshire County Council go ahead.

Cabinet member for the environment Yvonne Constance will also consider the plans to create 11 new disabled parking spaces on streets around the city at a meeting on Thursday, which could lead to a net gain of three spaces.

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But one of the disabled parking spots on Kingston Road in Jericho which was set to be replaced with resident parking might not be removed, after a member of the public said it would be 'disastrous' for them.

The disabled parking bay is at the north end of a series of resident parking bays on Kingston Road, near the Anchor pub.

Six people have objected to the removal of any disabled parking spaces across the city on principle.

Oxford Mail:

The location of the disabled parking space on Kingston Road. Picture: Google Maps.

But one person has objected to removing the Kingston Road space in particular.

Their objection said: "This would be disastrous for me as I am a war pensioner only able to walk a few yards with the help of a walking frame.

"I have used it for the past 20 years and is 100 per cent necessary for my wellbeing and able to live a tolerably manageable life.

"I absolute wish to oppose the removal of this disabled parking space."

Three people living on Kingston Road have written to the council to support the planned new resident parking spot.

One said: " The spot near our house is always empty - apart from illegally parked cars. We really struggle to ever park our car near our house and being pregnant with two small children - anything that helps this will be welcome."

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Another resident pointed out that the only resident of the street who lived with a disability had a driveway where they parked their car.

The third resident added: "We fully support this, as it is not assigned to anyone and it often empty. We live on Kingston Road and struggle to ever park our car near our house - anything that helps this will be welcome."

A report to the council said further assessment of the space needs to be made.

The other disabled bays which could be removed include spaces on Cricket Road, East Street, Oakthorpe Road, Bath Street, Hurst Street, Rose Hill service road and Stainfield Road.

But new disabled bays could be added on Observatory Street, Godstow Road, Alma Place, Charles Street, Church Way, Moorbank, Priory Road, Wytham Street, Bracegirdle Road and Valencia Road.

Oakthorpe Road, in Summertown, where a space is due to be removed, is also due to have a new space added, in a different location.

Oxford Mail:

Oakthorpe Road: the disabled parking bay (highlighted in red) would be moved down the street to a new spot (in green). Picture: Google Maps.

This new space would be placed west along the road from where the current parking spot is.

A resident of Oakthorpe Road has objected to the new space, saying it would add to issues with parking on the road.

Questions for Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for the environment is due to take place at 10am on Thursday at county hall.