Oxford is home to some of the healthiest habits in the UK according to a health check app.

A Nationwide survey of over 38,000 people has revealed that Oxford is the third healthiest city in the UK.

Babylon Health collected data from 38,800 users on its Healthcheck app across the UK.

The health app assigned a score out of 100 to each city in the UK based on nine indicators of a healthy lifestyle, the higher the score the healthier the city.

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The survey looked at diet including the amount of fruit and veg eaten in a day and the amount of alcohol units consumed in a week. It also looked at smoking and the amount of exercise people do in a week.

Oxford scored a total of 6.6 out of 100, with Chichester and Cambridge just scoring higher than Oxford.

The results show Oxford residents drink 5.1 units of alcohol per week (equivalent to about two pints), drink three times per week, and eat three portions of fruits and veg a day.

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21% of the adults in Oxford smoke, averaging 7 cigarettes per day, and 46% of people who once smoked have now quit.

It also shows that people living in Oxford do 114 minutes of moderate exercise, 38 minutes of intense exercise and resistance exercise once per week.

However, the most unhealthy city in the UK according to the survey is Sunderland scoring 42.1 points overall.

The survey also shows that the bottom ten cities are all in the Midlands, Northern England or Scotland all scoring under 60.

Read the full results of the survey here.