A TEACHER who was suspended after being accused of 'misgendering' a pupil has reached an 'amicable resolution' with the school.

The Oxford school took disciplinary action after the teacher referred to a group of pupils as 'girls', despite one of them identifying as male, which it felt was in breach of its equality policy.

He then expressed that as a Christian, he did not share the belief that gender can be fluid, although he said calling the pupil a 'girl' was not deliberate.

A joint statement from the school and from the Christian Legal Centre, which represented the teacher, was released this week.

It said: "The parties have reached an amicable resolution, the details of which are confidential and the parties shall not engage in any further communication regarding this case."

An employment tribunal ruled that neither the teacher or school can be identified in coverage of the case, in order to protect the pupil.

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Christian Legal Centre is linked to the Christian Concern campaign group, which has highlighted apparent disparities between the religion and LGBTQ+ rights.

Speaking about a different case last month, its chief executive Andrea Williams defended a pastor who said gay Pride events are harmful to children.

She said: "[There is] a growing intolerant and threatening trend towards not just Christians, but anyone across the country who dares to oppose Pride.

"The pastor is right to say that Christians should not attend gay Pride events as they are harmful to children.

"They often exhibit nudity and displays of an overtly sexual nature that no child should have to see.

"Celebrating sexual chaos and public immorality at gay Pride events is not good for anyone; it is not good for families or impressionable young children."

Campaigners who oppose this view however, including Oxford's Jayne Ozanne, a gay Evangelical Christian, are fighting to make the Church a more diverse and LGBTQ-friendly place.