MORE THAN '30' cars had wing mirrors torn off and smashed during a vandalism spree in the middle of the night.

On New Years Day a vandal caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage after walking around in the early hours hitting wing mirrors off the sides of cars parked in Barton.

One man who had two cars damaged in the attack said there were 'at least 30 others' on the same road that had been damaged.

Armondo Abreu Garces, who lives on Barton Village Road, said one of his cars had it's wing mirrors completely taken off.

He added: "That car is off road at the moment, so I can't claim insurance for that.

"He didn't do much damage to the other new car, but there was a lot of blood on it where he's obviously hit it and then left marks."

Oxford Mail:

He explained that his house has three CCTV cameras looking on to the road, and after he trawled back through hours of footage – he found what he thinks he was looking for, but it wasn't what he expected.

The 29-year-old said: "I thought it was going to be a load of youngsters so when I got the video I saw it was an older man and I was like 'What'."

In the video a bald man can be seen staggering down the road, and it appears to look like he stops by Mr Garces car parked on the road.

The wing mirror can be be seen in a different position when the man walks off, down the driveway to approach another car that has been damaged.

Oxford Mail:

"The next day I walked to my mates house who lives at the top of the road to see if its happened anywhere else and his windscreen wipers have been taken off completely.

"I reckon he must have done it to last least 30 or 40 cars from what I've seen and from what people are saying on Facebook.

"It's on the main road as well, where the buses go – there's a lot of people who drive there so hopefully they can find him."

Thames Valley Police say they have received a report of criminal damage on Barton Village Road between the hours of 8.30pm on Tuesday December 31 and 11.25am on Wednesday.

Nobody has been arrested.