A TEAM of experts are helping Cherwell District Council with an ambitious plan to slash its carbon emissions.

It comes after Cherwell councillors unanimously declared a climate emergency last July.

As well as hiring Bioregional and Aether – two local expert consultancies – the council is redeploying existing staff to help scale up action.

One officer team is being set up to cut the council’s own carbon emissions; another is being formed to influence other local organisations to cut their environmental footprint as well.

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The pledge to make the council carbon neutral by 2030 encompasses both the energy that the council consumes, and the fuel used by the vehicles which deliver services to residents.

Councillor Dan Sames, Cherwell’s lead member for clean and green, said: “ We are committed to continuing to take action to address the climate emergency facing us.

“All of our services will need to take action to reduce their emissions. The council’s offices and leisure centres, its fleets and its housing policies, are some of the areas we are prioritising."