DRAMATIC videos posted on social media appear to show police surround a man and bring him to the ground with a Taser.

The videos, shared on the Spotted: Thame Facebook page, were said to show a man being apprehended in Upper High Street in Thame on Saturday night.

In one of them, a police officer on the ground with two other people scrambles to his or her feet, before pointing the Taser at the man as he stands in the middle of the road.

A burst of light springs from the weapon with a gunshot-like sound, and the man immediately falls back onto the ground.

A subsequent video of the aftermath showed at least four police cars and a police van blocking the road with their blue emergency lights flashing, as officers dealt with two men on the ground.

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The person who anonymously posted the videos, who said it happened opposite the war memorial, wrote: "It’s outrageous. Move to Thame they said, it’s a lovely place they said. So yeah here’s your typical Saturday night in Thame."

One commenter who said they saw what happened wrote: "It was amazing that so many police turned up to support their colleagues."

He claimed the man was 'screaming and thrashing about like a wild animal' and police struggled to get him under control, even when reinforcements arrived.

He added: "It was a good 15 minutes before they resorted to the Taser."

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The Oxford Mail has attempted to contact the person who filmed the videos.

Thames Valley Police has also been approached for further information.

Last week, Home Office figures revealed that the force's use of Tasers has increased, as has that of many other forces across the country.

Police officers in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire drew their Tasers 778 times in 2018 to 2019, up from 519 the previous year.

Of those incidents, Tasers were discharged on 77 occasions.

The devices deliver a high-voltage electric shock.