A GROUP of youths sprayed an unknown substance into a man's face during a robbery carried out in front of several members of the public.

A 40-year-old man was approached by a group of seven youths outside the Art Cafe in Bonn Square, Oxford, at about 7.50pm on Tuesday night.

One of the youths sprayed an unknown substance into his face before snatching his bag, which contained cash, a bottle of wine and some clothing.

The group then fled the scene.

The victim suffered stinging to his eyes from the substance, but was ultimately left unhurt by the attack.

Police are now appealing for witnesses and say there were 'a large number of people' in the square at the 'busy time of the evening'.

The number 3 bus was also passing by, and officers believe passengers on that bus could have witnessed the assault.

Anyone with information about the youths should call police on 101 and give reference number 43190405801.