TWELVE suspects are still at large after we revealed their faces on our Christmas countdown of Oxfordshire’s most wanted.

The 12 fugitives are being hunted around the world, after they fled to places like China and Africa.

The search is being led by the charity Crimestoppers which has asked for the public’s help in tracking down their whereabouts.

Oxford Mail:

• Behind door number one of our crime calender was Aishatu Ibrahim, who is wanted for immigration offences. She lived on St Leonards Road in Headington, but it now being hunted by the Home Office after she went awol.

Reference: CS1905-17704.

Oxford Mail:

• On day two we unveiled suspected thief Haji Mohamed Salim, who could have moved to Somalia.

Reference: CS1811-17488.

Oxford Mail:

• Behind door three we found suspected con-artist Nana Kofi Owusu who is wanted for a string of fraud offences in Oxford. He could be in Ghana, Oxfordshire or Milton Keynes.

Reference: CS1811-17498

Oxford Mail:

• On day four we featured Danny Pretorius, who is wanted after an assault, but could have fled to Denmark.

Reference: CS1811-17490.

Oxford Mail:

• Behind door five was Alhareth Ghattour, who is in his 30s. The suspect is wanted after an assault in Oxford, but could have moved to Libya.

Reference: CS1811-17493

Oxford Mail:

• On the sixth day we featured Tang Ge, who was listed as one of the county’s most wanted after an assault in St Aldates. Police investigators think he could be in Oxford or China.

Reference: CS1811-17477.

Oxford Mail:

• On the seventh day we exposed Brett Vaughn Watson who has disappeared from Oxford and could be in South Africa.

Reference: CS1811-17493.

Oxford Mail:

• Hiding behind door eight was Gu Sui, who is wanted after an assault in Oxford but could have made a getaway to China.

Reference CS1811-17476.

Oxford Mail:

• On the ninth day was Lei Dou, who could have escaped to China after an assault in Oxford.

Reference: CS1811-17478.

Oxford Mail:

• On the tenth day we exposed Kenneth Gabbidon, who is wanted after allegedly being in possession of controlled drugs. Police say he is around 5ft 10in tall and in his 60s, and could be hiding in Jamaica.

Reference: CS1811-17482.

Oxford Mail:

• On Christmas eve we featured Michael John Geary. Police want to question him about an assault in Oxford, but it's thought he's made his way to Ireland.

Reference: CS1811-17485.

Oxford Mail:

• And on the final day, we exposed suspected robber Victor Osasyoboyi, who is wanted after multiple attacks on the streets of Oxford - but could have fled to Nigeria.

Reference: CS1811-17489.

With information call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 using the reference numbers.