FOURTEEN kilos doesn't sound like a huge amount when you put it on paper.

But when you're carrying a cake covered in icing that weighs the same as two Dachshunds, it suddenly feels like a huge amount more.

Foodbank volunteers had the honour of lugging this magnificent snowman back to the Kings Centre last week, ahead of its Christmas lunch for the lonely, homeless and elderly who are without somebody to spend the season with.

The meal is made using surplus food, that would have otherwise gone to waste, but this triumphant beast of a Christmas cake was made and donated by Julia Atkinson, better known to sugar lovers as Happy Cakes baking company.

Mrs Atkinson, who has been selling her cupcakes around Oxford for around a decade, said: "It's my fourth year baking a cake for Foodbank.

"I had bumped into somebody and they asked me to do if for the first year.

"It goes to the Christmas lunch for the Kings Centre, this is my contribution.

"It's a donation.

"I'm lucky enough that I'll be at home, it's nice to donate something.

"I just think it is a really worthy cause and a makes a really cheerful centre piece."

This years snowman is slightly different to the tiers of cake the guests are used to cutting into.

It's a snowman, with wide open arms and kept warm by an Oxford United scarf.

She explained: "It took me two days to make altogether."

She used 50 eggs, 14kg of icing and 10kg of marzipan.

The cake was made like a traditional Christmas cake, with lots of fruit – but without the booze.

She added: "Just to say they [Oxford Foodbank] are fantastic.

"It's really amazing work.

"Sara I think is the mastermind behind the lunch, and it's just incredible.

"They get so many refugees, homeless and lonely people – they are just really inclusive.

"It's nice to give back and get into the Christmas spirit."

Set up seven years ago, Oxford Food Bank works with more than 60 charities across Oxfordshire to feed the county's hungry and homeless.

The Christmas Day lunch runs from 12.30pm to 4pm and the centre can accommodate up to 600 people.