WHILST one former Witney resident is embarking on a career in acting, she is not forgetting her roots in a hurry.

28-year-old Emma Appleton is in her own words, ‘born and bred’ in the town.

Her latest role is in new Netflix series The Witcher, which is tipped to be a big hit.

She said: “I loved drama in school, it was the only class when my ears pricked up.

“I did modelling for quite a long time then did a short film, Dreamland, and loved it.

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“That’s when I got my agent and things snowballed from there.

“I was involved in Clique on BBC Three and that was my big break. It was the first job I had with my agent and being on a professional set.”

Talking about her role in The Witcher, where she plays Princess Renfri, Ms Appleton said: “They were casting for a long time, and then it all happened really quickly.

“The show has a really big fanbase and is one of my biggest roles so far.

“It’s an excellent show to be a part of because everyone is talking about it.

Oxford Mail:

“It’s definitely one of the toughest jobs I’ve done, there was a lot of training involved - it certainly wasn’t a nice cosy studio shoot.

“It was very physical and very demanding but that’s why I love doing the job.”

The former West Witney Primary and Wood Green School pupil’s first lead came in Channel 4 hit Traitors earlier this year.

She said: “It was a strong cast and I worked with actors who I admire and I got to show a range of skills.”

In Traitors, Ms Appleton played Feef Symonds, a young woman recruited to identify a Soviet spy in the Cabinet Office in 1945 London.

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Asked whether she would make the venture into film, Ms Appleton said: “I love both TV and film and how far TV has come and the quality of it these days, I think they’re now on a par with each other.

“I’ve been doing different genres and it’s nice to tick them off.”

Despite now being based in South East London, Ms Appleton still has a soft spot for her hometown.

“When I go home and visit family, I appreciate it and I feel very lucky to have grown up in Witney.

“My family are very proud of me, they’re my biggest supporters.”