A PROLIFIC criminal who went on a 48-hour crime spree across Oxfordshire stealing cars, fleeing from police and threatening a pizza delivery driver with a knife has been jailed.

During one of his multitude of crimes Samson Biddle demanded cash from a Domino’s pizza delivery man while holding a blade.

Undeterred by the knife, the nonchalant driver told the 31-year-old of Westminster Place, Portsmouth, ‘go and eat your f***ing pizza’.

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Biddle appeared at Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday after admitting 11 crimes which all took place over two days in October this year.

Outlining the case prosecutor Cathy Olliver said that Biddle turned up at a former lover’s house in Wootton on October 14 before asking to stay the night, saying he had nowhere else to go.

He stayed on the sofa and when the woman left the address the next morning she discovered her brother’s Renault Clio had vanished.

She later received a phone call from Biddle who claimed to have had an accident and to have ‘smashed the windscreen’ of the car.

Oxford Mail:

Later that day Biddle visited another ex-girlfriend at an address in Carterton where he ordered Domino’s pizza.

The firm dutifully dispatched a driver and when he arrived at the address Biddle came to the door and at first they ‘exchanged pleasantries’ and handed over the ordered food.

Moments later however Biddle held a 20cm-long kitchen knife and pointed it towards the driver and demanded he hand over the keys to the car he had arrived in.

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Rather than handing over the keys the driver told Biddle ‘go and eat your f***ing pizza’ before returning to his car and driving off.

Next, Biddle visited his father’s home and asked for the keys to his van so he could put something inside. Instead, he drove off and the van was reported stolen.

While this was happening, police were already hunting for Biddle because of the earlier offences and they caught up with him while driving at Burford Road, Carterton.

What ensued was a police chase that saw Biddle try to escape justice with officers deploying ‘stop sticks’ to deflate the van’s tyres.

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Despite the wheels being punctured Biddle continued to drive off along the A420 at 50mph while pieces of the vehicle flew off the car because of the damage.

When he was finally stopped he was found to have 74mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath – more than double the 35mcg legal limit.

The court heard at his sentencing hearing that Biddle has a long history of previous offending – made up of 21 convictions for 111 offences.

In mitigation, his defence team said that Biddle was remorseful and expressed ‘self-disappointment’ at what he had done.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC jailed him for a total of five years for the 11 offences which included attempted robbery, having a blade and numerous driving offences.