Nothing says Christmastime more than the sound of jingling bells and sweetly-sung carols.

But if you’ve had enough of Noddy Holder and Mariah Carey, and can’t get a ticket for a college choral concert, there is help at hand in the shape of an unlikely bunch of festive rogues who this Saturday put on the Christmas Party to beat them all.

‘Christmas Day of the Deadbeats’ is a free night of music hosted by Oxford’s raucous, hard-partying country-soul rockers The Deadbeat Apostles and takes place at the Isis Farmhouse in Iffley, on Saturday.

The show is the twelfth instalment of the band’s regular Days of the Deadbeats, which see the band teaming up with like-minded musical souls for an evening of lively, and free, entertainment.

This weekend’s festive special sees the band joined by local roots, bluegrass and Americana legends The Knights of Mentis and hugely popular garage-rock two piece The Other Dramas. And at the helm will be the pub’s musical proprietors Noreen and Adrian,.

“Expect energy, expect new material, expect the unexpected, expect a fiddling landlady and three of the greatest live acts in Oxford under one roof for free,” says the Deadbeat Apostles’ charismatic, powerfully-voices singer Michelle Mayes, who stars alongside frontman Mike Ginger, guitarist Garry Richardson, bassist Hugh Garrety and drummer Mr Alex Ogg.

Oxford Mail:

“Think the Last Waltz and the Rock and Roll circus had a beautiful Oxford baby – and that hits the nail on the head right there. We’ve come out into this weird world kicking and screaming and looking for a bottle.”

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She goes on: “They’ll be country, soul, blues and rock & roll. Take a trip to our private isle of sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. Thrill to the romance, laugh like a drain, cry like a baby or dance like a loon... The Deadbeat Apostles can do it all and we want to do it to you.”

So why should we leave our cosy sofas and the homely glow of our Christmas trees for a walk down the Thames towpath to Oxford’s hardest-to-reach pub?

“Because it’s one of Oxford’s greatest celebrations of live music in one of the greatest settings and venues for live music,” says Michelle, who lives just across the river from the Iffley Lock pub.

Oxford Mail:

“People should also go to show their support for the Isis. Not only Iffley, but Oxford as a whole is blessed to have people who are so passionate about music, charity and community.

“I feel one of the luckiest people alive to live in the village – it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world – but we need to support all music venues under threat out there and to keep music live.”

And are they planning anything Christmassy?

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“Oh yeah! We’ll be doing a very special version of Blue Christmas – duet style with an Elvis ‘68 comeback special vibe. Plus, our baubles will be extra-large, sparkling and polished for the occasion.

She insisted it was the perfect recipe for a Yuletide knees-up.

“At Christmas everyone wants freedom from their everyday struggles, anxieties and stresses. They want warmness, they want friendship and they want a sense of belonging. The Day of the Deadbeats gives you just that. We aim to release you from your troubles, to take you along with us on a road of friends, music, merriment, laughter and most importantly making new memories.”

Oxford Mail:

So will they be entering the festive spirit by pulling on Christmas jumpers?

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“We don’t need Christmas to get out the crazy!” laughs Michelle. “Mike’s blue suit came all the way from Las Vegas and is made by the same tailor that made Ike Turner’s. If anyone else wears one then, of course, we will be in full support – however do expect pointing and laughing from the stage.”

Mike, who confesses he is planning to sport a festive Rudolph posing pouch for the occasion, agrees, adding: “There ain’t no party like a Deadbeat party, so it will be our usual soul, rock & roll extravaganza. It’ll be a high octane, full power party set.

“Expect to laugh, to cry and to dance with wild abandon. You will be left with no doubt as to why we are known as one of the greatest live shows in Oxford. Throw yourself in and let the music raise you up above the petty problems and propel you into the Yule tide season.”

And can he recommend a festive tipple? “I suggest punters enjoy an After Eight martini,” he says. “Though we’ll drink anything!”

The Other Dramas features Maria Ilett and guitar and Richie Wildsmith on drums. Both also sing. Purveyors of elegantly grungey rock & roll, they are firm live favourites, winning over crowds everywhere from Common People to Cornbury.

Oxford Mail:

“This will be our last gig of 2019 so it’s going to be a special one. It’ll be the best party in town!” they say.

“We love to let our hair down and rock out so expect three-minute big fuzz riffs with pop vocals, lots of energy and melodies that will stay in your heads for days.”

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They add: “The Day of the Deadbeat nights are legendary. We’ve wanted to play one for so long as we’re massive fans, but our schedule hasn’t quite worked until now – so we really are looking forward to it and you should definitely join us!

“Come along for three great bands up for a party! We’ll be sure to get you dancing and singing along – it’s a great winter warmer!”

And will they be sporting silly festive jumpers? “We do jump around quite a lot so you could call us a pair of silly festive jumpers!” they laugh.

Oxford Mail:

“The best thing about Christmas is getting together with friends and family at nights like this with bands who love a good time. The only bad thing is last orders!”

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Acoustic 10-piece The Knights of Mentis are promising the perfect antidote to those jaded by Wizzard, Slade and Wham!

“It’s a wonderful occasion, a wonderful pub and we promise to put on one hell of a show!” they say, laughing: “Expect desperate banter while we spend half our allotted time tuning things, with occasional moments of magic.

“It’ll be a no holds barred right royal rumble, with knobs on.”

And will they be representing the seasonal sweater community?

“No!” They say emphatically. “We’ll be skyclad.”

  • The Christmas Day of the Deadbeats: The Deadbeat Apostles, The Other Dramas and The Knights of Mentis play the Isis Farmhouse, Iffley on Saturday. Entrance is free