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Oxford Mail:

This week the head and governors at the The Oxford Academy left after Ofsted amid claims that bad behaviour and staff shortages have spiralled.

Here’s what you said:

• Behavioural issues start in the home. Stop blaming the teachers and hold parents to account.

Tim Jenkins

• Children’s school years are vital to their development and preparation for later life.

Unfortunately, what is endemic in our schools now is the disruptive child. Equally, but frustratingly endemic, is a dearth of psychological support to ensure these children maximise the integrity of their school-based time and allow the majority of non-disruptive children the opportunity to do the same.

Margaret Roper

Oxford Mail:

This week we reported about a dangerous driver who shot through Oxford city centre at 115mph in a police chase before crashing his car, leaving it engulfed in smoke.

Stephen Ochola was jailed for a total of 12 months and disqualified from driving for three years.

Here's what you said:

• Rubbish sentence as usual.


• As he was driving without a licence, banning him will have exactly what effect?

Mad Mutt

• Did he use his indicators most Audi drivers don't


Oxford Mail:

We also broke the sad news of Oxford United legend Jim Smith's death this week.

You left some tributes:

• I suppose my tribute to him is that it wasn't part of my life as a teen. It was my life. Watching Oxford was everything to me. Read every article, saved all my money. Couldn't get enough. We punched above our weight during the eighties, and Jim was the reason for it. Music, school, cricket, politics, family - Nothing had a bigger impact on me during those years. Thank you Jim RIP.

Being Boiled

• You walked on water...RIP Jim

Rising Son

• Top bloke, always open and welcoming and one of the true legends of our club - a sad footballing day.

London Dan

• Rip Jim, thanks for the memories. You created a team that feared no foe, and punched well above their weight. But even more than that , I've never heard anything but upmost praise for you as a man.

Flat Stanley

Oxford Mail:

There's also been some speculation this week that the Randolph hotel would change its name after being bought by an American chain – but you were more worried about its reputation:

• Graduate hotels who? I hope they do not turn the Randolph Hotel into some seedy students hostel. A joint which let's out rooms by the hour.

Matt Dillion

• Why don't we just sell Oxford to the Americans? They seem to run everything else here: university, colleges and so on...

Red Robbo 2