POLICE believe a catapult and ball bearings could have been used to smash the glass panes of bus stops.

In a neighbourhood newsletter this week, officers said there have been five similar incidents of criminal damage in Watchfield, near Faringdon.

They have all taken place within the last month at the two bus stops in Faringdon Road.

Police said the glass windows of the bus stops have been 'shattered', adding: "Ball bearings from a catapult or something similar may have been used."

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In a complaint logged on the FixMyStreet problem-reporting website last month, one bus user said: "Both bus stops have had their glass windows or backings smashed, there is glass everywhere on both sides, on the path and all in the grass behind."

Anyone with information has been asked to call 101 or email FaringdonNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk.