A PEDESTRIAN crossing is getting a revamp after Oxfordshire County Council identified it as in need of an upgrade.

It comes as the council is in the process of assessing all signal controlled pedestrian crossings and junctions in Oxfordshire.

Refurbishment will be made to the crossing in Kings End/Piggy Lane in Bicester starting on January 6.

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The existing poles will be replaced with new poles and a new signal controller will replace the existing obsolete one.

New extra low voltage equipment will be installed with LED signal heads which will reduce the power consumption and carbon footprint of the site, as well as reduce hazards in the event of accident damage to the equipment.

The Pelican installation will be upgraded to include on-crossing detectors which will allow for a variable crossing time dependant on the walking speed and number of pedestrians.

A temporary crossing will be in place until the work is complete on January 17.