BORIS Johnson reportedly visited Oxford yesterday for the funeral of one of his former teachers.

The Prime Minister is said to have taken time out of his campaign trail to pay tribute to Professor Jasper Griffin, who died on November 22 at the age of 82.

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Classicist Prof Griffin spent his academic career at Balliol College, where Conservative party leader Mr Johnson studied.

His funeral was held at Balliol College Chapel at 11am yesterday morning, and the college said that 'family, friends and close colleagues' would attend. 

One Twitter user said WhatsApp groups were 'kicking off around college' after Mr Johnson was spotted at around that time, but that students 'have been staying out of the way and keeping quiet' due to the nature of his visit.

Students launched a petition last month to ban Mr Johnson from Balliol, gaining hundreds of signatures, but the college's governing body did not support them.

Extinction Rebellion Oxford protesters said they attempted to stop Mr Johnson as he entered the college in Broad Street.

A protester wrote on Facebook: "Boris Johnson arrived at Balliol college for a private event this morning.

"A small group of rebels mobilised quickly (based on leaked information) and attempted to show Boris pictures of climate problems on their phones. Boris’s cars sped past without looking."

The PM wrote an obituary for Prof Griffin in The Telegraph, the week after his death.

He described the academic as a 'wonderful teacher' and recalled how he gave a 16-year-old Mr Johnson a book called Homer on Life and Death. 

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In a tribute released by Balliol, Sir Anthony Kenny wrote: "Jasper was an exacting but inspirational tutor who was much beloved by his pupils, who valued his wit and generosity. Many of them went on to conspicuously successful careers.

"They included not only a number of prolific classicists, but also very distinguished diplomats, and our present Prime Minister."

By late afternoon Mr Johnson was back on the election campaign trail in Uttoxeter in Staffordshire, then on to Stretford in Greater Manchester and Warrington.