OXFORD diners have been named the UK's most impatient.

A survey by PaymentSense found that 82% of the city's diners get grouchy about a delayed dinner, followed by Newcastle and Liverpool.

At the other end of the table, it seems like diners in Edinburgh are far more relaxed about a longer wait, with just 59% citing waiting for food as a top frustration.

PaymentSense surveyed over 2,000 Brits about their opinions and preferences when it comes to dining out and made a subsequent report.

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Northerners were found to be generally more impatient than people from the south.

Waiting for food in restaurants is our top frustration, with 59% of us ranking that as their biggest pet peeve.

Next on the list was waiting for the bill, which was the worst thing for 22% of people surveyed.

The restaurant industry is big business in the UK and plays a huge part in British culture. Each year, 50 million adults dine out in restaurants – that’s approximately 2.4 billion eating out occasions over a 12-month period.