A MAN accused of stabbing his wife to death told jurors he did not kill her and insisted 'she is alive.'

During cross examination today it was put to Fatos Xheta that he was 'pretending' to forget details about the alleged killing.

Xheta, 46, of Lytton Road, Oxford, denies one count of murder.

Prosecutors at Oxford Crown Court claim that he stabbed his wife Safie, 35, in the neck while she lay in her bed with a kitchen knife.

He then turned the blade on himself, it is claimed, after the attack which was motivated by 'sexual jealousy.'

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As his trial continued today Xheta, speaking with the aid of an Albanian interpreter, took to the witness box to deny any wrong-doing.

Xheta claimed he could not remember when he first came to the UK and went on to say he didn't remember neither him nor his wife getting a job at the BMW plant.

When he was asked if he could remember living at the home he shared with his wife in Cowley he answered 'what is Lytton Road?'

Asked about details of the night before the alleged killing he repeated he did not know and when he was asked if he murdered his wife he said simply 'no.'

He also denied inflicting injuries on himself after the alleged attack or writing notes in which it is claimed he wrote 'betrayal is settled only by death.'

Xheta was then asked if he knew how his wife sustained her fatal injuries to which he answered: "No, I don't know anything."

During cross examination Xheta was asked by prosecutor Charles Ward-Jackson about what he could remember.

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Xheta repeatedly told jurors that he could remember driving lorries - which prosecutors say he did prior to moving to the UK last year.

Mr Ward-Jackson asked him: "Is that the only thing you remember in your entire 46 years; driving a lorry?"

Xheta replied: "I used to drive a lorry" and when asked to confirm if that was all he could remember he answered 'yes.'

Later he was asked if he remembered his wife and he answered: "Yes, she is alive but they say she is dead."

It was put to Xheta that he was 'pretending to forget' to the jury as well as 'deliberately misunderstanding' to which there was no reply.

Xheta was also shown an image of the house at Lytton Road which he said he did not recognise.

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Mr Ward-Jackson put to him: "Don't pretend to be stupid, that is your house isn't it?"

He replied: "Yes, it's a house. I don't recognise it, it is just a house. I don't remember where I was living."

Asked if he had any medical issues or anything 'wrong' with him he said 'no.'

Mr Ward-Jackson said: "The reason you are [pretending] is because you have no answer to this charge of murder do you?"

Xheta replied: "What."

Asked if he understood his wife was dead he answered: "Yes, they have told me but I don't believe them, she is alive.

"I have not killed her, I have not killed anyone, I never had any trouble."

The trial continues.