The cold weather is rolling in and it is time to capture the beauty of the frosty mornings by taking pictures for camera club.

The theme for camera club this week is frost and there have been many frosty pictures posted to the Facebook page.

This charming robin on frosty grass was sent in by Duncan Becker who could not resist taking a picture of the robin.

Mr Becker captioned the picture and said : "Couldn't resist posting this festive little chap in my garden last week !"

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There have been picture entries of frost covered cars and frosty plants, and even close ups of the frost showing just how delicate it is. Send in pictures of your frosty walks and icy mornings, get creative and see what pictures you can snap.

To be in the chance of winning this week's camera club post your pictures of the frosty weather to our Facebook page. The winner will be announced on Friday.