A BUSINESSMAN whose cousin died in an earthquake in Albania last month said he had “no words” to describe a community fundraiser which collected money for his family.

Mevlan Karaj's auntie and uncle also died, alongside Oxford taxi driver Klement Cupi.

Nevrus Hairdressing - usually closed on a Monday - offered half price haircuts, alongside holistic massage by Louisa Cox and nails by Lauren Dempsey.

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Rose Lyburn from Casa Rose Fashion was also selling tights outside Nevrus.

EP Caterers provided chocolate brownies and Keeper's donated gin for G&T's for customers.

Mr Karaj, 38, has lived in Woodstock for the last 14 years and has owned restaurant Brothertons for three years.

He also used to manage the King's Head where he employed Mr Cupi.

Mr Karaj said: “What Woodstock is doing for me and my family is unbelievable and I don't know how to thank them.

“Klement was more like a little brother to me, he was always smiling and had such a big heart.”

Oxford Mail:

Mr Cupi travelled to Albania to visit his parents and celebrate his brother's engagement. The earthquake killed him and his parents on the second day of his trip.

Mr Cupi survived stuck underneath the rubble for 17 hours whilst his brother, Aleks, remains in hospital with a broken leg.

Mr Karaj added: “They're saying nothing in the national media here, people are focussing on Brexit yet 51 people have died and 900 are injured.”

Kate Bailey helped co-ordinate the event with Caroline Parkes, and she said: “I was at Brothertons and I was struck at how devastated and utterly broken Mev was.

“I felt compelled to do something with the main thing we want to get out of this to raise awareness of the earthquake itself.”

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Mrs Parkes runs the 'We Love Woodstock' Facebook group and said: “I was here having my hair cut by Nev and nobody seemed to know about this terrible earthquake so Nev proposed opening for the day.

“We have a lovely community in Woodstock and we're showing Mev that we care and we are here for him.

“We've been friends for about 12 years, he's a real character and is a popular guy in the town.”

Nevrus Manarkolli, 38 has owned his salon for six years and said he decided to open on a day off to show solidarity with Mr Karaj.

He said: “This is very close to my heart and I'm trying to do as much as I can. One of my brothers in Albania knew Klement really well.

Oxford Mail:

“Regular clients have been helping too, giving donations here and there.

“Klement was known very well in Woodstock, and was such a part of the community.”

A GoFundMe page will continue to collect donations.

The team have also reached out on social media, with them receiving support from Philip Selway of Radiohead. They also hope to get in touch with singer Rita Ora, who is of Albanian descent.