OXFORD Mail readers have reacted with fury after it was revealed that the new US owners of The Randolph Hotel could change its name to The Graduate Oxford.

Stephen B. Fry wrote to us to express his anger, saying that changing the name would be a 'catastrophic marketing and branding failure'.

In his letter Mr Fry said: "Does that name mean it is only for graduates ? Obviously the suggestion is ridiculous but of course it will also feature in everyone’s mind - all the time. The idea is ridiculous for this reason alone."

Read again: American chain buys Randolph Hotel Oxford, but will name change?

Many residents of Oxford agree and dislike the new name.

Matt Dillion commented on our website: "Oxford going down market again first Primark, then TKMAX then Marland then Poundland then 99p shop then Home Bargains and now Graduate hotels.”

Red Robbo commented: "Why don’t we just sell Oxford to the Americans? They seem to run everything else here: university, colleges and so on."