A GROUP of Extinction Rebellion protesters led a funeral procession through the streets of Chipping Norton on Saturday.

The Red Rebels from Extinction Rebellion dressed as a funeral cortege and pall bearers as part of their latest demonstration.

The heavy burden on their shoulders was labelled 'Life on Earth,' with the mock funeral meant to mourn the loss of species due to the ecological crisis acknowledged by a UN report published earlier this year.

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The group processed from the Old Mill Coffee House along West Street and Market Street.

They stopped momentarily outside Jaffe and Neale and the Guildhall before moving onto High Street and finishing at the Town Hall for mourning.

Another group of XR protesters called Extinction Theatre will appear in Oxford on December 12 in the final leg of a UK-wide tour.

The group plans to depict scenarios that studies have predicted are in the UK's future if climate breakdown continues and urgent action is not taken.

According to the theatre group, all of the scenarios already exist in the global south.

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Oxford Extinction Rebellion organiser Madeleine Young said: “Extinction Theatre raises basic questions about how and whether people will live good lives into the future, here in the UK and globally. Will food and water be rationed?

"Will those who can afford to go to Fresh Air Bars like the one opened this November in Delhi due to air pollution twenty times over the WHO's safe limit?”

The group will perform at the Carfax Tower end of Cornmarket from 1.30pm until 3pm on December 12.