VOTERS in Wantage and Didcot should support the Lib Dems in the election this week if they want to overturn Brexit, a national newspaper report has suggested.

A report for Sunday's Observer by former YouGov pollster Peter Kellner suggested how constituents should cast their vote in 50 marginal areas of the UK if they feel strongly about preventing a Conservative majority and stopping an early Brexit.

Number 40 on the list of seats where the newspaper makes suggestions for tactical voting is Wantage.

The Observer report said: "Ed Vaizey, ex-minister and critic of Johnson, is standing down in a seat with a growing Lib Dem challenge".

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The report suggested the Lib Dems are the most likely party to win locally aside from the Conservatives.

There are currently four candidates standing to become the next MP for Wantage.

They are David Johnston (Conservative), Richard Benwell (Liberal Democrats), Jonny Roberts (Labour) and independent Mark Gray.

The tactical vote's aim may be hard to achieve in the seat: at the last election in 2017, Ed Vaizey held the seat for the Conservatives with 34,459 votes.

The next highest number of votes went to Labour candidate Rachel Eden, who won the favour of 17,079 electors, less than half of Mr Vaizey's total.

This was followed by 9,234 for Lib Dem candidate Christopher Carrigan, 1,546 votes for Green candidate Sue Ap-Roberts, and 1,284 votes for UKIP's David McLeod.

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Current Lib Dem candidate Richard Benwell retweeted the report when it was published on the Guardian's website, saying the party was the 'best chance for change' in the seat.

The Observer article suggested voting for the Lib Dems in a total of 18 seats, as well as Labour in 13 seats, and the SNP in 12 seats.

It also recommended voting for two former Conservative MPs who had the party whip withdrawn: Dominic Grieve in Beaconsfield and David Gauke in South West Hertfordshire.