AN EAST Oxford pub once branded a ‘nuisance neighbour’ by residents has appealed against a ban on it playing music or hosting live musicians in its garden shelter .

The Black Swan was beset by complaints when it requested retrospective planning permission for the structure from Oxford City Council in January.

Families living on nearby streets, as well as ward councillors Craig Simmons and Dick Wolff, claimed loud music coming from the shelter, which they said was often used as a live music stage, made homes ‘uninhabitable’.

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Despite 26 objections and only four comments in support the council approved the application in March.

A report explaining the decision, however, said extra measures would protect neighbours, saying: “As the standard licence excludes live music outside, a condition would be imposed that would exclude live music and dance and recorded music to be played in the Aunt Sally Shed.”

It added use of the shelter would be limited to days the pub is open, and would have to end by 9pm.

Oxford Mail:

Barry Davies, who runs the Crown Street pub, which is off Cowley Road, has now appealed against these conditions, which also ban any additional lighting being added to the shelter.

The initial application generated an outpouring of frustration from neighbours who called the business a 'nuisance' and claimed they were being constantly disturbed by the pub, which is surrounded by residential properties.

One frustrated resident from Bullingdon Road wrote the sound was ‘loud enough to shake the windows of our house’.

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Another added: “[The Black Swan] does not serve the community but rather antagonises it, with loud music and anti social behaviour.”

At the time, Mr Davies denied this though and felt the pub was being ‘singled out’, saying: “At most we have six events each year and I always put in for a licence and make sure everything is finished by 10.30pm.

“I don’t understand why people are singling out the Black Swan when there are lots of pubs along and off Cowley Road that cause far more noise.”

The appeal will be dealt with by the planning inspectorate via written statements, with all representations due by January 3.