A MAN with a mop of tussled blonde hair visited Oxford today to talk about Brexit.

But despite his intended resemblance to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the lookalike took a very different stance on leaving the EU from the first among equals.

Drew Galdron has been working as a Boris Johnson impersonator for the past eight years under the name Faux BoJo, starting when the PM was Mayor of London.

He is an ardent campaigner to remain in the EU and joined campaign group Oxford for Europe as it welcomed the ‘Stop Brexit Job’ campaign to Broad Street.

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Campaigners gathered outside of Boris Johnson’s former Oxford college, Balliol this afternoon.

Mr Galdron, who is from the London borough of Havering, stood on the pavement shouting “I am Boris Johnson! I am running away from debates! I am running away from interviews!” through a megaphone, in reference to the PM's unwillingness to be interviewed by the BBC's Andrew Neil.

Oxford Mail:

Drew Galdron.

Meanwhile, campaigners handed out leaflets to passersby, who looked perturbed by the man claiming to be the prime minister.

The Stop Brexit Job is a protest modelled after the 1970s film the Italian Job, using the Mini as a means to tour the UK spreading is message.

During the demonstration, three yellow Mini Coopers drove around Broad Street, with Faux BoJo sat in the back of the leading car shouting ‘Stop Brexit!’ through his megaphone.

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Paolo Arrigo, from London, was one of the drivers taking part in the campaign.

He said he had taken 10 days off from work at his small business to get behind the wheel of one of the minis.

He said Oxford was a pertinent stop in the tour because of the Cowley Mini plant.