A FORMER milkman-turned-street artist has been delivering very unusual milk bottles to homes across Oxfordshire – but only the ones at number 34.

The misshapen milk bottles with coloured lids started appearing outside people's front doors on Monday.

The man responsible is the anonymous artist known only by his Twitter handle – @Athirty4 – who previously made headlines when he added 'Middle Earth' and 'Gotham' to road signs on the A34 near Didcot and earlier this year put up plaster of Paris light switches on lamp posts around Oxford.

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Now he has hand-made 170 bottles out of plaster of Paris in all different shapes with different coloured caps.

Alongside each bottle is a card with a 'message of hope' that no matter what the outcome of Brexit is, the nation should be united.

Oxford Mail:

Having started his latest project on Monday, the artist has managed to leave around 92 bottles so far in his ‘Brexit delivery round’ to houses across Oxfordshire that are numbered 34.

He told the Oxford Mail that he linked the type of milk we drink to the type of Brexit deal that could be made.

Athirty4 said: “The Brexit idea dropped into my head when I noticed the different coloured bottle tops on supermarket milk bottles – green, blue, red, and the gold colour.

"The reason my plaster of Paris milk bottles are all different shapes is because nobody is certain what shape Brexit will take, should it happen. The different shapes also add something aesthetically pleasing too.”

The artist started the project back in March this year when he began to experiment with plaster of Paris and plans to make more as the project is ongoing.

Athirty4 said: “The aim of my project was to send a message of hope to the citizens of this country in light of the Brexit fiasco, which has been caused by our politicians, in my view.

Oxford Mail:

“And whether we remain in or out of the EU, I want people to think about how the UK has overcome many adverse challenges in our recent history.

“And through a collective effort and belief, we'll overcome any hurdles that Brexit, or no Brexit, may throw at our divided nation. In a nutshell, we're a nation that needs to coalesce again, and not remain fractured over the issue of Brexit.”

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People have noticed the artist’s quirky bottles by their front doors, saying it had lifted their spirits.

One man from Eynsham, who created a Twitter account just to express his gratitude for the random act, tweeted: “I’ve just joined Twitter so I can say thank you so much for your milk bottle on my doorstep this morning in Eynsham. I am absolutely delighted. And I got a gold top too. You have convinced me to carry on with random acts of kindness.

Oxford Mail:

"You have made a miserable week due to illness/biopsies etc bearable and my belief in the power of people to share art and happiness is stronger than ever, a ripple will become a wave. Thank you.”

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Rachel Midgley tweeted: "Thank you for the pint. Are you really the milkman of human kindness – Florence Park branch? Brilliant, finally something good to come out of Brexit."

Athirty4 told this paper he had worked as a milkman for Northern Dairies and also delivered lemonade for Corona too, so he said his latest project was 'a sort of homecoming'.

He said that although he believed the 2016 referendum result should be honoured, he did not believe Brexit should be implemented at any cost.