AN OXFORD Muslim has questioned the lack of Christmas lights in the Cowley Road area.

Amir Steve Ali, 39, who lives off Cowley Road, said: “When it's Eid there's always Eid lights on which makes it very busy and there's lots of colour in the area.

“However there's no lights on at Christmas.

“I strongly believe there should be something for Christmas.”

Mr Ali feels the area near the Central Oxford Mosque on Manzil Way would benefit by having both Eid and Christmas lights to get the best out of the community.

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He added: “I'm very grateful for the Eid lights but everyone should be coming together and doing something for Christmas as well.

“These things can separate people.

“Small things such as this can make a massive difference.

“I like Christmas lights, they're very nice, you don't have to be Christian to celebrate Christmas.

“It's a very multicultural area and unfortunately in today's world, these things can pull people apart.”

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Oxford City Council appear keen to support Mr Ali and his desires for more festive lights in the area.

A council spokesperson said: “We installed four lights on lampposts in Cowley Road, near the Central Oxford Mosque, to celebrate Eid in 2013.

“If members of the local community wish these to be used at other times of the year, the council would be happy to discuss it with them.”