A Christmas-crazy family have turned their house into a dazzling lights display to raise money for an animal rescue charity.

Dawn Jackson and her parents have covered their Bloxham home in thousands of lights and festive decorations and ask admirers to donate to Banbury Animal Rescue and Kindness Service.

There are all together about 3,500 lights on the hedge and trees, and many more on the roof, walls and garden.

Oxford Mail:

It has taken the family more than 20 years to assemble such an impressive collection of festive decoration and Ms Jackson, who lives in the house with her parents and uncle, said it takes the family about six weeks to accessorise every year.

Ms Jackson said: “We create the display because we enjoy doing it, and other people enjoy coming to see it.

"It puts smiles on other people’s faces.”

Oxford Mail:

The family said they will worry about the electricity bill next year.