In the run-up to the General Election on December 12, we are giving all the candidates in the two Oxford constituencies to opportunity to tell you, the electorate, why you should vote for them

Chaka Artwell, Independent candidate for Oxford East

This unusual winter Election has been called because our political parties and the majority of MPs have used their authority to resist and stop the will of this nation as expressed in the 2016 referendum to restore the sovereignty of Parliament and establish a trade-only relationship with the EU. It is vital for the political integrity of our “first past the post” democratic system of governance that the 2016 referendum result is honoured.

It is of concern to voters that many MPs, including both of those standing for re-election in Oxford, oppose the will of the Voters and are demanding a “second referendum” – or pressing to cancel the referendum result altogether. A second referendum, or cancellation, would dishonour the foundation of our democratic governance and must be rejected.

I am motivated to stand as an Independent candidate for Oxford East to stop Labour from following policies which benefit corporate greed whilst harming community need. Locally, the 850 homes being constructed on Barton Park give a beautiful example of Oxford Labour helping corporate greed over community need.

In 18 months, Barton Park’s wealthy purchasers have benefited to the tune of £85,000 on homes that were originally purchased for £600,000. Homes at these prices are not affordable for local people. Wealthy purchasers will be attracted to Barton Park’s investment potential. They will purchase these homes for their buy-to-let investment return. Barton Park will be festooned with “To Let” signs, as has happened with flats on Barton’s former Fox Public House site. Labour’s promises of providing keyworker, and “affordable”, homes have been abandoned. Labour voters need to wake-up to the corporate nature of Oxford Labour. We must provide genuinely affordable homes that people on modest incomes can afford to buy or rent. The chronic housing shortage does not give us licence to build everywhere, and we must protect our open and green spaces which are vital for health and well-being.

As your representative l will tackle and promote all of these.

Super-strength skunk is damaging the mental health of our youth. Plans by the Liberal Democrats to liberalise skunk must be resisted by parents and others who have seen the enormous damage skunk is already causing.

Youth services must be fully funded to provide imaginative out of school activities; especially during the summer holidays.

Primary School pupils must be allowed to play in purity, free from inappropriate sexualised “education.” Jesus’ example of the Golden Rule; which teaches “do as you would be done by” has to be the absolute best antidote for all kinds of Playground “bullying.”

The NHS needs fewer overpaid “managers” and “back door” privatisation. A civilised society must provide shelter and protect the homeless; not criminalise them as Oxford Labour did with their introduction of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) in 2016. Oxford Labour authorised the demolition of the 50-bedroom homeless shelter Lucy Faithful House and did oppose the selling of the former YWCA accommodation at Farndon Court being sold which deprived Oxford women of really affordable shelter.

The world’s deforestation must end, and Parliament must honour the 1917 Balfour Declaration protecting Palestine.

It is galling for me to witness Labour’s war against the working classes whilst Labour wholeheartedly assists corporate greed over community need. Traditional Labour supporters need to understand that Labour today values corporate greed over community needs. Oxford East would benefit from independent thinking, plain-speaking, free from the limitations of Political Correctness. It is for these reasons, I am asking Oxford East Voters to elect me, Artwell, an Independent candidate, who will not betray working-class peoples’ concerns and this nation’s 2016 referendum.