A RETIRED binman and Brexit supporter says he has been threatened with arrest if he does not remove an anti-EU sign outside his home on Botley Road because it was causing offence.

Oxford-born Dave Shorter, 63, who lives on Bullstake Close on Botley Road, puts his anti-Brexit signs up outside his house in the run-up to every general election.

This is the first time, however, that he has been threatened with police action for trying to state his political views.

He said: "Today got me going.

"I put the sign up a couple of days ago and a PCSO came and removed the sign this morning and called the police.

"Police came within half an hour and said the sign was not to go outside as they'd had reports that people found the sign offensive.

"They said if the sign went back outside, I'd be arrested."

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Speaking about the 'B****cks to Brexit' slogan used by Remainers, Mr Shorter said: "What's the difference between the 'B****cks to Brexit' posters and signs, where millions were printed and the stickers were at all the bus stops?

"I'm just fed up of the double standards in this country.


"Next time I'll write 'Testicles to the EU' because it's correct Oxbridge and in keeping with Oxford.

"I was going to do the 12 days of Christmas but do 12 different flags and signs instead, getting bigger and bigger because I'm crazy enough to do that.

"The Brexit Party were going to back me."

Oxford Mail: Dave Shorter with his signs on Botley Road Picture: Liam RiceDave Shorter with his signs on Botley Road Picture: Liam Rice

Speaking about what made him put the sign out on Botley Road, Mr Shorter said: "Everybody is mocking Brexit and my neighbour died three weeks ago so I'm carrying on what he wanted, the passion to get Brexit done.

"We haven't had no democracy, we should've left the EU but we haven't.

"There's been so many Brexit delays.

"I've got independence flags that went out after the referendum and the council ripped them down.

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"The town hall flew an EU flag but I put up a St George's flag and people took offence.

"On the day of the referendum I sat out on a chair on Botley Road with a cup of tea and gloated with my dog.

"I love a wind up and I like to have a bit of fun, everybody knows what I'm like."

Thames Valley Police were contacted for a comment.