A CAR abandoned at a country park led police to find a 16-year-old girl in possession of cannabis. 

The Carterton neighbourhood police team made the discovery while out on patrol in the town last night.

In a Facebook post today, officers said the team came across an 'abandoned vehicle' at the 'country park car park'.

This is thought to refer to Kilkenny Lane Country Park, which has seen antisocial behaviour and drugs issues in recent months.

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Police said 'persons' returned to the car and a 16-year-old girl was found to be in possession of a 'small amount of herbal cannabis'.

They did not state if any further action was taken.

In June, police carried out an operation in the Kilkenny Lane area due to reports of antisocial behaviour.

One man was found to be in possession of a class B substance there that month, and the following month, police said metal bins in the play area had been 'used for target practice by someone with a pellet gun'.

On Friday night, police recorded 'multiple reports of criminal damage' at the Shilton Park development in Carterton.