A BUSKER’s guitar was thrown across a street in an argument which became quickly heated, a video has revealed.

A video posted on discussion forum Reddit shows two men on Oxford’s Cornmarket Street in a struggle, as one tries to throw the other’s guitar to prevent him from playing music.

As the video begins, the younger of the two men appears to be trying to restrain the other, who has a guitar in his hand.

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The younger man tries to grab the guitar from the other’s hand, but the older man then raises his arm and throws the guitar down the street.

The incident appears to take place outside St Michael at the North Gate church on Cornmarket Street, a popular spot for buskers.

As it happened...

Oxford Mail:

The argument begins with one man holding the other's guitar.

Oxford Mail:

The older man then raises the guitar to throw it.

Oxford Mail:

He throws the guitar and it lands with a crash on the street.

Oxford Mail:

The busker looks unsure what to do after the altercation.

What people thought of the argument

The comments posted under the video on Reddit, which number more than 1,500, claim that nearby onlookers helped to pay the busker for a replacement guitar.

Another comment claims the older man is also a busker and describes the altercation as a dispute over the spot where the guitar player has decided to pitch up and play.

There was also discussion of homelessness and rough sleeping during the winter months in Oxford among the commenters, with some suggesting donations should be made to Aspire Oxfordshire and other charities which support rough sleepers.

Who can busk in Oxford?

Oxford City Council provides guidance to people who wish to busk on the streets of the city.

There is no need for a ‘busking card,’ but street performers have to follow a code of practice.

This code includes simple steps like making sure to not cause an obstruction to pedestrians, and to stick to spots in the city which are allocated for busking.

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The code asks buskers to communicate with one another if they are unhappy.

It says: “The sharing and swapping of pitches with other buskers is strongly encouraged in Oxford; regular changeovers are part of creating a lively busking atmosphere.”

Find the video at Reddit here