A PROMINENT LGBT campaigner has presented the Pope with evidence of 'conversion therapy'.

Jayne Ozanne, a gay evangelical Christian, met Pope Francis after attending morning mass in the grounds of the Vatican.

The author, from Littlemore, visited the week before last and later gave the Pope a copy of her memoir, Just Love.

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It reflects on her journey of self-acceptance and exposes a so-called 'treatment' for homosexuality called conversion therapy, which she herself was subjected to.

She also handed the religious leader findings of a 2018 survey into faith and sexuality.

The Pope signed a t-shirt depicting John Henry Newman, who was the founder of a church in Littlemore and who was declared a saint in October.

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Ms Ozanne founded the Ozanne Foundation last year, aiming to work with religious organisations to eliminate discrimination based on sexuality or gender.

She shared her story of having grown up in a church that told her she could never be a wife, mother or grandmother, which led her to a traumatic battle to try to force herself to become straight.

In 2017 the activist successfully lobbied the Church of England's legislative council to condemn conversion therapy, which - in extreme cases - can even involve electroshock 'treatment'.