A NAIL bar owner has taken to Facebook to 'tell the story that you all want to know' after police carried out a dawn time raid.

Officers used a warrant to break into the Wantage Nail and Spa shop on Wallingford Road at 6am on Wednesday morning.

The shop had to be closed the next day because of 'damage', but police arrested two people.

The owner of the shop said on Facebook how police 'didn't find anybody' they were looking for, but instead came across a private number plate that her partner had 'forgotten' to get rid of.

She said: "Good morning all, I shouldn't have to explain myself on here but here's the story that you all want to know.”

She then named a woman she said police were looking for, adding: “They believe that have done something and somehow they have this women address related to the flat above the shop.

"They broke into the shop and didn't find no one but they found a private number plate which my partner forgot to get rid off when he took it off the car.

"They search the number plate and found ours house which they also did a search to see if we have anything to hide.

"I can tell you now that we have nothing to hide. We don't know this woman and never ever heard of her name.

"Anyone have been to the salon know us and know who are working here.

"We have worked so hard to get to where we are today and I will not let this get us down."

A 27-year-old was arrested alongside a 24-year-old man. The pair, who are both from Wantage, were arrested on suspicion of acquiring, using and possession criminal property. The woman was released on bail until January 24 and the man was let go under investigation.