MORE than 100 children bunked off school to march, chant and give speeches at the latest climate change strike in Oxford.

Protestors as young as 10 rallied in Bonn Square today after huddles had marched through the Westgate Centre on Black Friday shouting: “What do we want? Climate action. When do we want it? now.”

As the number of climate strikes in the city racks up into double digits, Leo Young and his 10-year-old son Finn said they had been to every one.

Oxford Mail:

Finn, who had made a placard that read ‘small people can still make a big difference’ said: “It’s really important that we save the planet.”

His dad said that sometimes Finn is the only primary school pupil at the protests, adding: “We’ve been to every climate strike, sometimes we are the only ones here.”

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Today's strike, again demanding that the government take more action, was organised by a group of students from Cheney School – inspired by child activist Greta Thunberg.

One of them, 14-year-old Amy Holmes, said: “I think it has come home to a lot of people how little time we have to solve the climate change problem.

Oxford Mail:

“I think it is changing, we are having an impact.”

Another group of youngsters had come from Chipping Norton to make their voices heard.

Millie Chettleborough, her brother Tom, Elysia Edwards, Lulu Edwards and Lottie Goodwin said they had thought of of some ‘simple’ solutions that the government could to do beat the climate crisis.

The group, who have been to five or six protests, take a keen interest in the issue.

Oxford Mail:

Elysia said: “They could make public transport free so more people will use that, make it easier to own an electric car, make it easier for people to be more efficient and make it clear what we can and can’t recycle.”

Millie said: “The government are not really doing anything but it feels like we are helping by protesting, making the government take more notice.”

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David Williams, a green party candidate for the upcoming elections, climbed the pillar at Bonn Square and told the audience it was time for a change.

He said: “You are standing because it is your future that this is affecting. We must act now.”

A professor at Oxford University, Bernie Hogan, said it was reassuring to see the future generation taking a stand.

He said he had been at picket line of a different protest earlier in the day but came along to support the youths.

He said: “Something has to be done.

“It is important.

Oxford Mail:

“It is important to see young people risking their time in ways others don’t.

“It’s a ray of hope.”

One mum, Magali Tang, said she had come with her two children who are seven-years-old and nine.

She said they had gone to school in the morning and she had collected them ahead of the protest.

Ms Tang said: “They’ve all really embraced it and have come together to do this.”