Thames Valley Police have arrested 16 people with four suspected cannabis factories found.

Officers executed eleven warrants yesterday to target an organised criminal gang who are believed to have been growing cannabis and supplying it in the Thames Valley.

Within the operation, they believe the gang have also been using vulnerable people to cultivate cannabis in factories in Aylesbury.

This morning, six Aylesbury properties were targeted in Aylesbury and five people were arrested.

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Another warrant was carried out in Wantage where two people were arrested and officers seized a large quantity of cash. 

As part of this operation, police have been looking to safeguard any vulnerable people who might have been the victim of modern slavery type offences. 

Detective Inspector Richard Jarvis said: "Thames Valley Police is committed through its Stronghold campaign to tackle serious organised crime and exploitation by working with our partners.

"Today we have executed a number of warrants in order to tackle a potential criminal network who we believe have been using vulnerable people to grow and distribute cannabis in the Thames Valley.

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"As such we have carried out a number of warrants in order to arrest those who we believe are responsible and also safeguard any vulnerable people.

"This has been a complex investigation and we would like to thank the public for the intelligence they have provided. Only with this information can we continue to build up information and carry out operations like the one today.

"We would ask the public if they have information please report to 101 or if they wish to report 100% anonymously they can do so by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."