Following the shock announcement that Boswells in Oxford is to close in 2020 shoppers have been sharing their memories of the historic department store.

Pamela Rae-Walsh spoke for many shoppers when she revealed her fond memories of the store on the corner of Cornmarket and Broad Street.

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She posted on the Nostalgic Oxford and Surrounding Area Facebook page: "Dear Boswells

Oxford Mail:

"Today you announced your closure, and I think with it you announced the closure of a part of my soul.

"From the earliest days I can remember Boswells was not only the treasure trove of imagination with toys in abundance, it represented more than that.

Oxford Mail:

"The chemist sold what your Gran wanted and needed. Talc with a puff - check. Lavendar water - check (what is that used for even?!)

"Weird kitchen utensil? Solved when you went to Boswells.

Oxford Mail:

"Cake. When they opened the cafe and it was all about the cake. YES!

"Remember the fashion?! No one does because no one went up there. You went to the toys and to find a gravy boat.

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"Boswells was an icon to many generations and it will be so greatly missed by all Oxfordians.

Oxford Mail:

Lots of love, a Boswells fan."

The store's directors took the decision to hire a London-based retail property consultant with a view to selling the premises after the business stopped making money.

Oxford Mail:

Thes store is now 'almost certain' to close in 2020.

About 70 staff were given the news at a meeting yesterday and now face redundancy.

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Andy Holdsworth said on Facebook: "This is sad. My gran took us here every Saturday on our weekly trip to town The highlite was putting 2p in the train in the big glass cabinet downstairs. And all the amazing toys.😔"

Verity Vez Hoper added: "There should be waaaaaay less tourist tat shops that do not represent Oxford and they mean utterly nothing to the local community. Their existence takes away tourist spending power from shops like Boswells. Shops that are the real representatives of their visit to Oxford."

Oxford Mail:

No final closure date has been announced.