CLIMATE-conscious pupils across Oxfordshire are preparing to miss more classes for the latest 'school strike'.

Oxford Youth Strike 4 Climate has organised a sit-in from 11am tomorrow, this time focusing on businesses that ‘profit from the climate crisis’.

Protesters will meet at Bonn Square in Oxford and will split up to target different businesses, including banks that have come under fire for investing in fossil fuels.

In a Facebook page set up for the event, campaigners from the group have written: “The health of our planet should not be put second to money.

"We will peacefully protest by sitting inside and outside businesses to spread our message: that going about our business as usual will fund the destruction of our planet.”

A string of protests have been organised by Youth Strike 4 Climate groups nationally since February, inspired by young environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg.

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Many Oxfordshire schools have written to parents about the strikes, stressing the importance of school attendance.

Last time, Oxford Spires Academy gave pupils permission to attend if they had parental consent, but only if pupils signed a form pledging to be an active participant in one of the school’s eco groups.

Last week, Cheney School in Headington told pupils they would have to fill in an online questionnaire to attend; outlining their concerns about the environment, why they want to attend the protest, and how they think the school could become more eco-friendly.

Its website said: “As a school, we encourage our young people to voice their opinions and to fight for what matters to them, and these protests are no different.

“However, this is a non-school event that is happening during the school day and we are, therefore, unable to endorse or encourage students to attend.”