The Countess of Wessex formally opened a 'uniquely reconstructed' Anglo-Saxon building, named the ‘House of Wessex’ during her visit to South Oxfordshire yesterday.

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Her royal highness was the second royal to visit the 'House of Wessex' , but this visit was 1300 years after the original visit and in a reconstructed version of the house.

Oxford Mail:

The Anglo Saxon building is an exact replica of the seventh century House and was built over a period of two years with the help of experts and hundreds of volunteer days.

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Environmental charity The Sylva Foundation worked with archaeologists to reveal the remains of the Anglo Saxon building in 2016 which was then reconstructed.

Oxford Mail:

Inviting the Countess of Wessex to unveil an interpretation panel next to the building to mark its opening yesterday, Dr Gabriel Hemery, Chief Executive of the Sylva Foundation, said: “ This reconstruction celebrates the birth of the kingdom of Wessex thirteen hundred years ago on this very spot.

"Not only is the Countess of Wessex able to lend her title to the occasion, but knowing of her interest in the countryside, it’s been a privilege to introduce her to the charity’s work today.”