BAD parking led to disruption at an Oxford hospital this afternoon.

Drivers have been advised that 'inconsiderate' parking is 'not tolerated' at Headington's busy health sites.

Stagecoach Oxford, tweeting just after 11.45am today, said it had received reports of a car 'obstructing' the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre site in Headington.

It said security was on site dealing with the problem, but advised passengers on the 700 and 900 services to allow extra travel time.

A spokeswoman for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Nuffield, said a car had been parked straddling the grass verge and the road.

She added: "This meant that buses weren’t able to safely navigate and get around the hospital site.

"One of our security officers quickly redirected the bus, and the car has since been moved.

”Inconsiderate parking is not tolerated at our sites.

"It can have a significant impact on both patients and staff, causing obstructions in our car parks which can lead to missed appointments and late starts for our staff.

"Our security team acts as quickly as possible to remedy this as soon as cases are reported."