A WOMAN repeatedly stabbed her landlord in the neck in a rage after she 'lost her temper' a court heard.

Prosecutors claim that Stacey Bilverstone launched the attack while living at the home of Andrew Davis on June 25 this year.

The 42-year-old of Kendall Crescent, Oxford. denies attempted murder, wounding with intent and having a bladed article.

Outlining the case before jurors at Oxford Crown Court yesterday prosecutor Charles Ward-Jackson said Bilverstone had intended to kill her victim.

He said: "The prosecution say this is about a woman who lost her temper on her male landlord and stabbed him in the neck.

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"At that moment, the prosecution say, she was trying to kill him."

Speaking of the background to the alleged violence Mr Ward-Jackson said that the woman had been homeless and a drug user and began living with Mr Davis about 18 months ago.

He told jurors that Mr Davis 'felt sorry for her' but that she went on to become 'a bit of a nightmare flat mate.'

Jurors were told that she became bullying and controlling towards him and also violent.

Mr Ward-Jackson said that she had previously strangled and punched him, as well as pulled his hair.

He called the woman 'a violent cuckoo in his nest.'

Speaking of the incident, the jury were told that she had come to the house that night in an 'ugly mood.'

A fight broke out, the court heard, and she put her hands around his neck and when Mr Davies broke free he went outside before tripping over.

With a kitchen knife, prosecutors claim, Bilverstone then stabbed him repeatedly while outside the front door in the neck. He was treated at hospital and she was later arrested.

The trial continues