An Oxfordshire inventor who entered the British Invention Show Awards 2019 on a whim brought home top awards.

Simon Colling was awarded British Invention of the Year (Platinum) and International Invention of the Year (Diamond, Overall Winner) for his creation SecuriPlug.

The invention is a unit which can be attached to an ordinary plug for an electronic device that controls how the device is used – and by whom.

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SecuriPlug can control who can and cannot use an appliance, monitor usage, allow access for given time periods and receive alerts from appliances.

Mr Colling says the invention could be beneficial to many market sectors including homes, healthcare, offices, restaurants and pubs.

The inventor started his SecuriPlug company, based in Woodstock, in April this year.

Oxford Mail:

He originally attended the British Invention Show and Awards as a member of the public hoping to gain good contacts who could help him introduce his invention to the market.

He was only armed with a pile of flyers and a home video which demonstrated how the prototype works.

He had no fancy marketing material with him to impress the judges at the show.

However, Dr Colling met Kane Kramer, the CEO and founder of the awards, and told him about his invention.

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Despite not having any professional promotional material, Mr Kramer was so impressed with his work and enthusiasm that he later contacted Dr Colling to ask if he would like to enter the competition.

The inventor said about the unexpected win: "I am astounded to have been presented with these awards.

"I went as a visitor and came home a winner.

"It means so much to have others believe in SecuriPlug as much as I do and I am incredibly grateful to Kane, Jeff, Karen, Jodie and the rest of the BIS organisers for giving me this opportunity."

The prestigious awards were presented by Mr Kramer, who is also credited with the initial invention of the digital audio player, and Jeff Wolf OBE, inventor of Morpher helmet - the world’s first folding bike helmet that can be flattened and popped in a handbag.

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The British Invention Show is the UK’s largest exhibition of invention, innovation and technology where individuals and companies showcase their ideas and seek funding.

The awards are given in five main categories – British invention, international invention, innovation, environment and design.

Every entry is judged and scored by three experts in the field.

Entries are then further deliberated and tested if they operate as described.

Now in its 19th year, the awards were held at the Savoy Hotel in London on October 25 with an audience of inventors, luminaries and dignitaries.

SecuriPlug currently has four patents pending and Dr Colling is looking for investors to join his ambitious venture.

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