THE OXFORD Union president Brendan McGrath has resigned after 'failing'.

His letter to the union, which is run by students from Oxford University, was published on social media last night. 

It comes after Ebenezer Azamati, a blind student from Ghana, was 'dragged out' of the debating chamber by security guards.

He told the Oxford Mail he was made to feel like 'a criminal' after the president Mr McGrath, who wasn't at the event on October 17, called for a disciplinary hearing where he alleged that Mr Azamati behaved agressively. 

Mr Azamati was banned from the Oxford Union for two terms, before the team apologised in an open letter yesterday and revoked his membership. 

In the evening, the president made the call to stand down.

He said the situation has been 'the most difficult thing' he has ever been 'charged with'. 

Mr McGrath was asked to respond to the incident last Thursday by the Oxford Mail, and in his resignation letter addressed the silence. 

He said: "I can only hope that my relative public silence is not interpreted as being uncaring, or taking the matter lightly.

"My priorities have always been to make this right, as far as that is possible, in Mr Azamati's eyes; to address his concerns personally; and to ensure that the Union body understands what has happened, and takes comprehensive action to make the Union a society which its Members can be proud of."

This is his letter in full: 

Oxford Mail: