Volunteers are being offered £460 to take part in the trial of a new vaccine for the deadly zika virus.

The Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford is seeking volunteers to be injected with the serum.

After getting a a dose of the vaccine the guinea pigs will be asked to attend follow-up visits.

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Vaccine testers are asked to fill in an electronic diary to record any symptoms after the vaccination and they will also be required to have blood tests at most of the follow-up visits.

Over a year trail volunteers will need to make ten visits and will be paid £460 to compensate them for travel expenses and the inconvenience.

Oxford Mail:

However, the Jenner Institute does not expect the side effects of the trial to be different from other similar trials despite the severity of the virus.

Zika is a 'priority disease' for accelerated vaccine research. It can be transmitted to humans through a mosquito bite, it can also be sexually transmitted and it can be passed from a pregnant woman to their unborn child.

Symptoms of the deadly virus include a fever, headache, joint and muscle pains, tiredness and skin rashes, but most people do not have any visible symptoms.

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Although the taking part in the trial will not make participants immune to the virus, it will help the development of an effective zika vaccination.

In the trail half of the volunteers will receive the zika vaccine only and the other half will receive a vaccine for zika and Chikungunya fever.

You have to be between 18 and 50 years and be in good health to take part.

Find out more online at oxfordbrc.nihr.ac.uk/pair/new-vaccine-zika-460