Stagecoach in Oxfordshire has stepped in to boost its Oxford Tube service in the wake of Oxford Bus Company scrapping the X90.

The changes will amount to an additional 13,446 seats between Oxford and London each week, while fares will remain the same.

Last month passengers who use coaches to travel between Oxford and London were stunned when Oxford Bus Company announced the X90 service would go for good on January 4.

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The company said congestion in and around Oxford had increased journey times by 50 per cent in the past two years.

Oxford Mail:

In a poll, readers were asked if they would miss the X90 and out of 2,683 people 76 per cent said yes.

Today Stagecoach in Oxfordshire announced improvements to its Oxford Tube service to help commuters and other passengers.

There will be increased frequency and a brand-new express service to Baker Street, from Monday, January 6.

Oxford Mail:

Key changes to the timetable that will come into effect in January 2020, are:

  • 17% increase in number of journeys each week 
  • An extended 10-minute operating frequency Monday to Friday in peaks
  • Up to 8-minute frequency on Saturdays, compared to 12-minute previously
  • Up to 12-minute frequency on Sundays, compared to 15-minute previously
  • Introduction of 12 Express journeys in each direction (Monday to Friday) that will run as an Express between Thornhill Park and Ride and Baker Street, stopping only at the request of passengers at White City (in both directions)
  • Customers can use both routes on the same ticket so they can travel to Baker Street and return to Oxford from Marble Arch or Notting Hill Gate.

The Oxford Tube service will continue to run 24 hours day with fares remaining unchanged.

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Oxford Mail:

Chris Coleman, managing director of the Oxford Tube said: "Following the recent changes to the availability of London to Oxford services we have recognised that frequency is a key priority for passengers looking to travel between the county and capital.

"This has been a significant factor in our considerations and has informed the changes we’ve made.

“We're delighted to be able to provide our existing customers, and new ones, with more departure choices, increased frequency and a greater degree of flexibility.

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"We provide great value for money for people wishing to travel to London and look forward to welcoming new passengers in the New Year as more people choose to travel with Oxford Tube."

The announcement regarding the boost to the service will be welcomed by passengers who take the coach to the capital as a cheaper alternative to the train.